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Transforming YOUR team into the EMPLOYER of CHOICE!

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People QUIT Leaders (Supervisors, Bosses) NOT Jobs!

(Forbes Magazine, 2015; LinkedIn, 2017; Harvard Business Review, 2018) Are you or your team the reason people leave your organization?

If you respond 'YES' to any of the following questions, below is why our services are the BEST solution for you & your team!

Do any of the following reflect your current situation?

Were you promoted to lead others as a result of your technical expertise? Have you become accountable for the work or actions of former peers? Are you in charge of work (tasks) but do not supervise those responsible? Is your team or organization complacent & not reaching its full potential? Has your zeal for the team &/or work waned?

Credentialed Professional

Senior Professional HR (SPHR) - SHRM    Senior Certified Professional (SCP) - HRCI         Masters of Public Admin (MPA) - HR        25+ years Facilitating Supervisory Training DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant (CHBC)


We are a community of like-minded professionals seeking to grow their supervisory & leadership skills. The support, camaraderie, & encouragement will help build confidence & expertise in leadership and supervisory competencies while providing a safe learning environment.  


Our team is mentored & coached by the Leadership Guru, John C. Maxwell & his faculty. As an Independent Executive Director & Peer Teaching Partner with the John Maxwell Team, we are licensed to teach, speak, & coach with the best leadership resources available.


During my 28+ year career with the Federal Government, I found myself being promoted to positions that I was not always properly equipped to perform.  My technical expertise was not enough to get my new team to achieve the desired results.  I also worked under many supervisors and leaders who were destroying the passion in new employees, creating a work environment that was destructive, and tearing down the organization from the inside out.  I knew I did not want to be a part of the problem but instead the solution.  I went to graduate school; spent tens of thousands of dollars on trainings, workshops, and certifications; and ultimately began to see successful results by putting this knowledge into practical application.  This inspired me to use my gained expertise to help others as I knew not everyone had the time and money to invest as I did, yet the need for better resources continued to grow.  The results from the methods and content created were transformational at both the organizational and individual level.  It was not long before I realized my passion and sweet spot in transforming organizations by Building & Equipping Supervisors & Teams so that ALL Employees could work in a positive work environment and supervisors could again feel SUPER about SUPERvision!  Together, with my team of Independent Contractors, we create transformation within teams and organizations.

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B.E.S.T. Supervisor Academy & Symposium

Certification & Continuity Program & Community for Supervisors & Leaders



Customized Speaking & Training to Meet Your Organization's Needs


HR Consulting /Coaching / Mentoring

Are you ready to stretch and pursue your personal and professional goals? Are you a small business or entrepreneur in need of HR Consulting?


Current & Past Clients

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"The information I received surpassed my expectations. Each session provided detailed information that broaden my communication and leadership skills. It was great to hear how I could turn numerous things what I thought were negative into something positive and valuable to grow both professionally and personally."

Lou E.
Shift Supervisor, Federal Gov't

"Angela has been my mentor/coach for about three years. Because of her background in Human Resources and her certifications with the John Maxwell Team, she has the skills and insight to get to the root of a client's issue/limiting beliefs, knows the right questions to ask to help you process and challenge those beliefs and then guides you into ways to think and walk differently. I highly recommend Angela as a life coach who can help you fulfill your purpose and reach your full potential."

Kay W.
Financial Services Professional

"We received feedback from our employees on topics presented during last year’s Staff Appreciation and the presentation Angela provided was one of the most requested."

Training Coordinator, Rutgers Univ.

"I’ve been working with Angela for a short period of time but I already see improvement in my business and my emotional state. Angela is a great motivator and she helps me to remember that everything is possible and that every person has what it takes to be successful. Starting my own business was difficult and sometimes confusing, Angela helps me to choose the most important things at the moment and work on them, she also boosts my confidence. I can’t wait to see where I’m going to be in a year."

Sasha B.

"Once again my team and I enjoyed another Staff Development Training by Menifield and Associates. Our Professional Coach Angela Hooper-Menifield focused on Collaboration and what it truly means to work together as a team. It is always a good time to invest in your team, but never more than right now with all of the stress and strife we are enduring with this current crisis (Covid19). As always, we had a day of learning and fun. Our Professional Development Training with Angela provided us with tools to help us not only be a better team, but to actually show up as our best selves individually everyday. We learn a lot about what drives and motivates our teammates, but more importantly we gain insight into our own behavior. As Angela always says, "How you do anything is how you do everything". Understanding our specific personality traits helps us relate to our colleagues in a way that is most productive and ultimately strengthens our organization. Thank you Angela for pouring into us so that we can continue to serve our community, and each other, with competence, intentionality and integrity. We appreciate you. 🥰"

Amina Bey
CEO, Newark Emergency Services for Families (NESF)

Certifications & Memberships

Blog: HR Perspectives from the B.E.S.T. Supervisor Academy & Symposium

Weekly HR Tips & Perspectives to Help You & Your Organization

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Frequently Asked Questions

We create courses that can serve as a 'stand alone' training as well as a continuity/certification program that upon successful completion of 12 units or courses, enrollees can earn a certification as a SUPERVISOR.

Definitely! Unlike many programs, we offer concierge level proposals and options.  While our clients may have similar needs, the methods in which we approach meeting those needs is individualized.  We meet our clients where they are once we have had an opportunity to conduct a discovery meeting to learn more about you, your pain points, opportunities, and strengths.  You can schedule that FREE consultations from our website.

YES! We work with clients globally with the use of technology, including various video and audio options.

The Supervisory Academy & Symposium is an online learning community, founded in 2019 with the mission to equip, encourage, and expand supervisors and leaders to govern, direct, lead, and empower the teams they manage as they share their progress and pain points with likeminded professionals and mastermind collectively. Our membership experience will facilitate your mastery in these skills and create a safe environment for growth.

Yes, as an example, many of our clients participate in Masterminds, Virtual Membership Programs and also participate in one-on-one coaching relationships. Those who desire to go further and faster in their growth will often participate in group and individual programs.  Your interests and progress can be discussed in a personalized discovery meeting.

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