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Proud to Be a Manager

In the past few years, momentum has increased regarding the language towards leadership and the development of leadership skills. As one who trains and is certified to help equip others in this lane, I find the work very interesting and necessary. Having said that, I have also come to notice that while so many people are inspired by being a “leader” that some are offended by the thought of being called a “manager”. 

It has become common-place to ask Mid-to-Senior Level candidates in interviews about whether they are a “leader” or a “manager” and I have recently heard some become offended at being referred to as a manager. So, when did being a manager become such a bad thing? I can personally say that while I have spent many years of my professional life leading others – I spent as many, if not more of them, managing. I managed the work of others; I managed projects; I managed resources; I managed,...

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